Hearing health pray during lock down

Domestic violence and mental health issues are going up as the world around us are changing into a slowly unrecognisable Covid-secure place: masks, social distances and self-isolation. Don't get me wrong. I fully support all the polices for preventing the spread of the Covid-19. And you only just need to look at China how the strictest policies have been implemented and the result so far is much better than most of European countries and UK in terms of newly reported Covid cases and people who have died from the disease.

But the lock down will have a cost, suicide rates and mental disorder has increased in countries where lock down policy were strictly followed by their citizens. People with hearing loss suffers far greater than people with normal hearing loss in terms of all physical abuse and domestic violence. This means that people with hearing problems during this lock down period could suffer much more. Once you are locked in the house or in a very isolated social bubble, the random interaction with strangers will become much less frequent and then suddenly the key social contacts for the individual suddenly become the only contacts. And It is like a house with different pillars to support the structure, and now there are only a few thicks ones supporting the whole structure. The expectation and stress during the lock down will put further challenges for the relationship. For people with hearing loss, this extra stress could be the last straw.

We all know hearing loss can lead to social isolation and depression. The hearing health is not a priority for NHS health during last lock down. For example, cochlear implant surgeries were delayed or cancelled. Audiologists were trained to deal with Covid-19 logistics or medical assistants. And now the waiting list for a hearing assessment clinic or tinnitus appointment can be at least three months in many hospitals.

I have hope that the remote hearing care would be able to extend the professional care to people who are locked in the house. And they can manage their hearing with a professional's support.

I pray that 2Hearing will be an example of how we can help people in such difficult situations.

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I have been in touch with a few hearing aid shop chains and I was told that many people have to wait for months to get a hearing test appointment due to the restrcition of Covid-19. Please let us know