Welcome (2) join the Hearing world!

Experienced audiologist Dr Guoping Li founded 2Hearing in 2014. He has more than 10 years of clinical experience in Audiology and research on signal processing on hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Dr Li studied for Master of Science and PhD degrees in Audiology at the University of Southampton and became a Research Fellow at the university’s renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, specialising in cochlear implants. His PhD is about signal processing to improve speech perception in a noisy environment.

He is now the Co-Director for the Centre for China-UK Audiology Education (CUAE) at the University of Southampton, providing and co-ordinating training and education for students of audiology. Earlier, he was Director of the MSc Advanced Audiology programme at University College London. Dr Li is also an honorary professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and Beijing Cultural Language University.

Dr Li is passionate about helping people with hearing problems and educating the next generation of audiologists.

“The future of audiology research is very exciting. We are working on more sophisticated hearing aids and implants that will need fewer interventions for adjustment,” he says. 

He is registered as an audiologist at the UK’s Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) and is also a registered Hearing Aid Dispenser. He is a member of the British Audiology Association (BAA). 

2Hearing's mission is to help people to gain access to high quality hearing care through the Internet and AI technology.